Auto Hail Repair

Does your car look like a golf ball?

Our paintless dent repair methods get your car back in Tip Top Shape. Hail stones can fall as fast as 90 miles per hour and if the stone is as big as a baseball this can cause severe damage to your vehicle. We provide guaranteed quality and life-time repairs. Let Tip Top Dent Repair restore your vehicles look.
Golf ball — Hail Damage in Denver, CO


If your car is hit by a hailstorm, take the next steps for getting your car fixed:

  • Take photos of the damage. We work directly with insurance companies.
  • Cover your window if the vehicle experience severe hail damage that broke your car's windows.
  • Contact Tip Top Dent Repair to start work on your car.

Tip Top Dent Repair works with car owners and auto body shops in the Denver, Colorado area. If your car gets trapped in a storm, don’t worry – we’re experts at fixing hail damage. Using innovative, paintless dent repair technology, we can restore body damage quickly and efficiently. You’ll be amazed at the results of our work! We work directly with all insurance companies to make the process as easy on our clients as possible.

We’re not just another fly-by-night car dent company in Denver, CO. We go above and beyond for every customer! Call us at 303-868-1270 to schedule a free estimate today.

3 Facts About Our Paintless Dent Repair

It doesn’t require color matching. Because our techniques don’t require any paint, the results won’t look discolored or patchy. You’ll be amazed at the Tip Top Quality of our work.
PDR doesn’t involve harsh chemicals. Chemicals can stain and damage your car’s finish. Fortunately, we don’t need them!
PDR doesn’t require drilling holes. Some dent repair companies will drill holes in your vehicle’s exterior, and they’ll use filler to cover the evidence. Don’t worry – we avoid this damaging, shoddy method.

COME IN FOR A FREE ESTIMATE – Trust the expertsDon’t trust an amateur with your car’s repair!

Do-it-yourself may seem tempting but PDR is not something you should try at home! It is a skill that takes years to develop and if performed by someone who is unqualified can actually lead to more damage!

Come to Tip Top Dent Repair for a free estimate. In addition to being industry leaders in glue-pulling repair, our Denver, Colorado technicians are trained in heat induction and panel massage to ensure perfect results.

Let us remove your car’s large or small dent quickly and efficiently. Call us at 303-868-1270 to schedule an appointment!

Hit by a Hailstorm?
We are the Auto Hail Repair specialists

Did a hailstorm blow through your neighborhood last night? Did it leave your car looking like the surface of the moon?

Don’t let bad weather ruin your ride’s pristine look. Tip Top Dent Repair. can repair your car’s body following damage from a hailstorm. Drive your vehicle to our Denver, Colorado shop, and let us take care of the rest!


If a hailstorm has dinged and dented your car, there’s no need to feel frustrated. Tip Top Dent Repair is here to get your car back in shape! Here’s what you should do following hail damage to your vehicle: Remember to NEVER go outside during a hailstorm! Hail can fall as fast as 90mph! Be safe and wait until the storm is over!

  1. Take photos. You’ll need photos in order to file with your insurance company. We’ll be glad to take them for you! Tip Top Dent Repair is experienced at dealing with all insurance companies.
  2. Tape plastic over broken windows. If a hailstorm was severe enough to dent your car, it may have cracked or broken a window. Tape a plastic bag over the opening. We work with local auto glass companies to repair your windows as well.
  3. Contact your insurance company to file a claim.

Tip Top Dent Repair is here to help. Call us at 303-868-1270 for a free estimate we'll help save you time and money.