Why Tip Top


Why choose us over the competition?


Tip Top Dent Repair is the industry’s leader in auto hail damage repair. Since 1998, we’ve perfected our paintless dent repair methods, and we want to put that experience to work for you!

Benefits of PDR vs. Conventional Auto Body Repair

  • - PDR Saves time! Traditional bodywork can take several weeks! In many cases PDR can be completed in as little as a day or two and often times with zero out of pocket!
  • - Better for the environment. PDR is a “Green” Service and Eco-friendly as PDR saves resources! PDR requires No paints, NO harsh solvents, NO fillers!
- PDR maintains your vehicle’s original paint! The results won’t look discolored or patchy. You’ll be amazed at the pristine seamlessness of our work.

Tip Top Guarantee

We will restore your car to pre-storm condition OR BETTER!
Free Rental car with Hail Repair Service*
Door Dings fixed for FREE with Hail Repair for as long as you own your car!* There’s nothing worse than getting your hail damage fixed to have a shopping cart or door open into your car and leave a dent!

* the door dings must be able to be fixed by PDR. If the paint gets damaged beyond just touch up paint, the panel will need to be painted and charges may incur. Rental car provided if the customer’s insurance will not approve a rental

Put our 20 years of experience to the test and let us show you why Tip Top Dent Repair is the right place for you.